In a day and age where there are constant uncertainties and threats to our everyday livelihood, what better way to be equipped than to be safe with a self-defense taser in your pocket. Blades and Triggers offer an exemplary range of products that help every person looking out to have that personal safety and self-care. Today, we have a barrage of well-designed self-defense equipment that can aid in personal safety a great deal. The Taser Pulse with Two Live Cartridges is one of the most sort-after self-defense tools available on Blades and Triggers.
Let us start by understanding what is self-defense products:
A self-defense tool or self-defense equipment are products that are non-lethal to possess but can render an offender helpless and defenseless for some time. Taser guns are electroshock weapons that are one of the most popular self-defense tools in the market today. These are the kind of self-protection tools that enable a person to escape harmful situations and alert people in time. There are many more self-protection tools online, like stun guns, pepper sprays, taser guns, and much more. A self-defense gadget is usually straightforward to carry and does not need much thought into using it.
What are Taser guns, and why are they handy to possess?
Taser guns are by far one of the most well-known non-lethal self-defense tools in the market. This Taser can injure a person with up to 50000-volts electric shock. When triggered two small darts are released, they can spring out up to 4,5-meters in distance. These darts are connected to the gun with thin wires and can penetrate even clothing. Once the darts make contact with the person, it sends off a spike of sharp electric waves that can cause a significant breakdown of the nervous system.  This can injure the offender or intruder for a long enough period to help in self-protection. It is a convenient self-defense tool to possess because it is easy to use. The turnaround time for action and reaction is short and helps in self-protection.
The Taser Pulse is one of the most effective self-defense products available online. Click here to purchase it.