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Buy Reflex Sights

For everyone who is deep into hunting, camping, or any other adventure, one of the most basic things that are required is a reflex sight. Reflex sights are non-magnifying reflectors and are very useful while using guns. It provides precision and accuracy while you are on your hunting trip, and also saves you from accidentally hitting a wrong target.

The most popular range finders which are available at Blades and Triggers are the ASG Advanced 552 reflex sight, the Leaper UTG Green Dot, the NC Star 3X Magnifier, and many more. We also sell some in house reflex sights like the Compact Red Dot, Perfect Red Dot, Red Dot Sight Red an, etc. like These are some of the reflex sights which are available in the market currently. At Blades and Triggers online, we believe in making our customers happy and content with our great quality of products, and amazing pric