Best  Pepper Spray

The increasing crime rate in every country, city, and town has led to many people resorting to carrying Pepper Sprays. It is called this simply because the lachrymatory agent makes the person experience a burning sensation. Also because one of the main ingredients that go into making this is capsaicin which comes from chilies or capsicums.  If the pepper spray hits the eyes there is even temporary blindness, intense pain and plenty of tears too.

This is usually used by law enforcing officers when trying to control unruly crowds or rioters. It is also a very popular self-defense agent. Pepper sprays usually disarms the offender allowing the victim to escape. It is less than lethal but can harm you in a bad way. Pepper Spray is portable and goes into a handbag with ease.  This makes it very popular among women. You will find lipstick dispensers, pepper spray guns, pens and more. Blades and Triggers offer many options to customers.

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