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Airsoft is an engaging game played between two opposing teams that use airsoft pistols. The ammo used is made of plastic spherical pellets propelled by a battery. Evidently, airsoft pistols are a key element to the game. Having the right pistol would mean a higher chance of winning the game. These pistols are mainly low power air guns.

Some pistols work with a battery pack and some function with gas. Whatever, your choice of airsoft pistol you must ensure to get the right ammo to suit its functionality. The dual toned pistols, classic spring based pistols, blowback pistols, and gas pistols are commonly available. Most of the pistols come with a 6mm dimension which it is rather sleek and extremely realistic.

Airsoft pistols come in great color tones, designs and to suit any level. The right kind of airsoft pistol adds character making the game far more engaging and interesting.