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Knuchle duster are hand-to-hand combat weapon that is fixed onto the fingers held with the grip of the fist. These weapons are made so that each hollow in the weapon fits onto the knuckle of the hand. They can be made from brass or other metals, plastic, wood, or even carbon fiber. It is evident that this weapon increases the force of a punch causing much damage and impact to a specific smaller area in the body.

Knuchle dusters sometimes have a rounded palm grip this alleviates damage to the person sporting the weapon. It has been known to have existed in many variations for hundreds of years. Knuckle dusters can either have rounded rings, spikes, edges that slice, or just sharpened points. There is a small pistol attached to a knuckle duster called the Apache revolver. The Mark 1 Trench knife was a popular weapon during the WW1. Many types of knuckle dusters are available at Blades and Triggers.