Ek Archery Cr 097ad130 Adder Crossbow 130 Lbs With Red Dot Review

Ek Archery Cr 097ad130 Adder Crossbow 130 Lbs With Red Dot Review

Meet this strikingly impressive Cr 097ad130 Adder Crossbow by Ek Archery, the power stroke of 7.5” with a velocity of 270 fps and overall draw length of 130lbs, it comes with easy AR15 Adjustable Stock, quick detachable sling shoulder mount. Easy to use durable string, robust safety mechanism, and the Picatinny rail allowing various accessories […]

Personal protection options part 1

Personal protection options part 1

Check out our amazing and fascinating collection from our new video series, “Personal protection”. These enthralling pistols and gadgets are perfect to add to your home defense system as some of these options are great to carry in a purse too, so ladies there is something for you too! Blades and Triggers present to you […]

We Knife 2103A Thug Grey Titanium Handles Satin Compound Tanto Blade Unboxing and Review

we knife 2103a thug

Check out this stunner; We knife 2103A Thug, small tanto flipper, ideally suited for everyday carry designed by Matt Christensen. It a solid, stylish, satin and also a smooth flipper. With a 2.69″ (68.4 mm) blade length and gray titanium handle, this knife basically give a perfect grip. One of the best things about this […]

Best Pepper guns

At blades and triggers, we have the best pepper guns for security and law enforcement purposes. Checkout our list below our pick of amazing non lethal self defense pepper guns! 1: JPX JET PROTECTOR PEPPER PISTOL JPX Protector Pepper Gun is the most powerful hand-held OC delivery system available. The conventional design speeds training and […]

Best self defense pepper guns

Looking for a non-lethal self defense pepper guns of protecting yourself? Check out Piexon’s latest high-tech self-defence device, the Guardian Angel II. Unlike conventional pepper spray delivery systems, this disposable unit doesn’t rely on a pressurised container, so its performance isn’t affected by temperature fluctuations, leakage or age. Instead, it uses a gas generator to […]

Hatsan Invader Semi Auto 5 5mm PCP Air Rifle Unboxing and Review

Hatsan Invader Semi Auto 5 5mm PCP Air Rifle Unboxing and Review

Meet the innovative and stunning Semi-Auto Action pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifle HATSAN INVADER. Features a fully shrouded, precision rifled, and choked barrel for accuracy. Also, It contain a detachable 12-shot magazine in 5.5mm. It includes three magazines and a Picatinny rail along with the receiver for 22mm scope mounts. This air rifle provides a […]

Daystate Red Wolf Hp 65ft Hi Lite Safari Unboxing


Meet the stunning Red Wolf PCP Air rifle new and extreme power model, DAYSTATE RED WOLF HP 65FT HI-LITE SAFARI. This enthralling Air Rifle has the latest technological advancements, the Daystate ART Barrel and Electronic GCU 2.0 Hardware that increases the power by 20%, the Safari’s ambidextrous stock sports our new textured wood finish, the […]

Pepperball Lifelite Mobile Kit Unboxing and Review

Pepperball Lifelite Mobile Kit Unboxing and Review

Meet this innovative and novel self-defense device, a portable and convenient choice for personal security. Lightweight yet practical, this dazzling Pepperball Lifelite Mobile Kit requires no waiting period and in fact, shoots powerful pepper projectiles that spread a pepper cloud on impact to help disable a threat from as far as 40 feet away. Equipped […]

What Security weapons are best for self defense?

Looking for the best Non-lethal self defense weapons? there are tons of choices than you ever imagine. You see with the growing crime rate and technology hand to hand we have gotten access to the greatest self defense weapons that can act as life savers in time of need. Some times we use the everyday […]

Pepperball Lifelite Starter Kit Flash Launcher Unboxing


A manufacturer of premium quality Milsim markers, is the worldwide leader in the Milsim markers market. The PEPPERBALL LifeLite offers the right solution for a non-lethal approach to your protection and protects your family when their safety is threatened. The PepperBall® LifeLite™ combines a bright, LED flashlight with a launcher to offer covert protection in […]

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