Benchmade 7BLKW 7 Hook Safety Cutter 440C Stainless Steel Black

Among the versatile range of strap cutters, the 7 series from Benchmade are known for their large looped handles. The strap cutters have come to be recognized as one of the most important tools to carry when hiking, scuba diving or even on a rescue mission. The 7BLKW7 Hook Safety Cutter is an all black […]

Benchmade 737SBK Tarani Aileron Folding Knife

The all black sturdy 737sbk Tarani Aileron is one of the cutting edge creations specific to the aviation industry by Benchmade. Steve Tarani collaborated with Benchmade to study various inputs and suggestions by the Federal Flight Deck Officers and pilots. The unique feature is that the folder not only has a thumb hole opener present […]

Benchmade 737 Tarani Aileron Folding Knife

The 737 Tarani Aileron is a folding knife that was created by Benchmade in collaboration with Steve Tarani. This formidable folding knife was created with a specific function to cater to the aviation sector. Some of the key elements are effortless rapid deployment and precise control over the knife while handling it mid-air. The knife […]

Benchmade 7 BLKWADC Strap cutter, Fixed Knife

Benchmade not only has the most diverse array of knives but also design much stylish cutting edge strap cutter like the 7 BLKWADC. The cutter is a definite requirement in the outdoors, especially when climbing or hiking. Essentially the cutter is used to release a person during emergency situations. In this particular cutter, you will […]


Nothing spells classy folder than the 698 Foray from Benchmade. The distinctive plain steely blade that is fixed onto a stunning handle is what defines this folder the most. The quintessential Benchmade patented Axis lock mechanism operates the functioning of this folder. This mechanism is easy and adopts and ambidextrous approach making it easy to […]

Benchmade 595SBK Mini Boost AXIS-Assisted Folding Knife 3.11″

This stunning Benchmade folder has the unique ability to encompass the most robust features of a tactical knife in a small but fierce frame. The one feature that evidently makes using this folding knife easy is the patented Axis-assisted mechanism. The mechanism is ambidextrous and has a very responsive thumb stud. The deep carry pocket […]

Benchmade 595 Mini Boost AXIS-Assisted Folding Knife 3.11″

The 595 Mini Boost is a no-fuss clear cut well-presented folder that has impeccable features making it a great tactical knife. One of the most prominent features of the Mini Boost by Benchmade is the strong and sturdy durometer handle. These handles are known to improve the grip and increase the efficiency of handling the […]

Benchmade 585BK Osborne, mini barrage, axis, ass Knife

The all black rugged looking 585BK is one of Osborne’s creations for Benchmade. This Mini-Barrage folding knife has some stunning features which make it a great tactical and everyday knife. The quintessential Axis lock assist mechanism operates the folder. This patented operating mechanism by Benchmade allows the blade to transition smoothly from the grove of […]


Famous knife maker Osborne has been the brainstem behind the Barrage range of knives for Benchmade. The 580S Osborne Barrage has a fairly simple, sleek and precise design that suits your everyday needs and is great in the outdoors as well. The Axis lock mechanism allows the blade to swing into action with the help […]

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