Umarex 5.8322 Airgun Colt SAA 45 4.5mm Pellet Nickel review

Umarex 5.8322 Airgun Colt Saa 45 4.5mm Pellet Nickel Get ready for some old school cowboy fun with this Colt Single Action Army Airgun produced by Umarex. For an amazing authentic outlook, it comes with both long and shorter barrels. This version has a striking nickel finish with a gold cylinder, trigger, and hammer, along […]


Fenix E16 Compact Flashlight

An ultimate flashlight, a must-have EDC essential! Look at this extremely compact with robust performance, ultra-light flashlight! It is a neat 2inches long, little flashlight! It is literally possible to put it anywhere! It delivers an outstanding 700 lumens from CREE XP-L Hi Neutral white LED with a lifespan of 50,000hrs. It is great for […]

Benchmade 3400BK-1 Autocrat, OTF AUT, Dagger OG Green Review

Benchmade 3400BK-1 autocrat OTF aut dagger OD green

The new 3400BK – 1 is the sleek new blade in the Benchmade family. Made with a G10 handle (which is lighter and easy to handle) and sophisticated black oxide frame. The Handle comes in two colours of Tan and olive is the upgrade to the previous 3400 Autocrat. This Black DLC coated CPM-S30V premium […]

Brocock Bantam Patagonia HR 5.5mm Cerakote bottle pellet rifle Unboxing

This could be the ultimate airgun starter kit to get you out on the field quickly if you look to create more impact overall with a maneuverable weapon. BNT has exclusively reviewed the flagship of Brocock’s innovative semi-bullpup range, winner of Extreme Benchrest 2018, the Brocock Bantam Patagonia HR 5.5MM Cerakote Bottle. With production in […]



In a day and age where there are constant uncertainties and threats to our everyday livelihood, what better way to be equipped than to be safe with a self-defense taser in your pocket. Blades and Triggers offer an exemplary range of products that help every person looking out to have that personal safety and self-care. […]

Ruike L21-B Criterion Black pocket knife

There is something so fascinating about pocket knives it is one of the most versatile tools to carry with you almost anywhere. The Ruike L21-B Criterion Black pocket knife is as stunning and sleek as they come. Ruike has always implemented into every product a detailed structure that makes it stunning. The sharp aesthetics of […]

Ruike P128-SB pocket knife, Blackwashed finish

Ruike as a brand has been creating the most cutting edge pocket knives and has been on the Blades and Triggers list of hot favorites in the recent past. The Ruike P128-SB pocket knife, Blackwashed finish is a butch looking tool to possess. The crisp edgy blackwashed finish gives the pocket knife a larger than […]

RUIKE Knives Criterion Collection M11 Multi-Functional Knife M11-N

Ruike is a brand that creates the most sophisticated and robust tools and weapons. The RUIKE Knives Criterion Collection M11 Multi-Functional Knife M11-N is a dynamic creation that is perfect for any situation. The Criterion range from Ruike merges aesthetics with functionality fluidly to ensure users have the most significant benefit from the tool. RUIKE […]