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Handcuffs are a device that was created to control a law offender when caught. They are sort of restraint that has a two rounded clasp that locks and a chain that connects them. It is for the wrist and completely immobilizes movement of the hands once it has been secured. Handcuffs are usually made of tough metal and have a secure locking system. In some cases, the chain that connects the wristbands are only inches apart and grip the hands together.

In some competitive sports or military drills plastic, handcuffs are used as restraints. There are even leg cuffs and you will find a combination of leg and handcuffs too. You will even find cuffs for the thumbs. There are various locking mechanisms on handcuffs, like slot locks or lever locks. Handcuffs can be opened with a set of keys depending on the locking mechanism. All of the handcuffs available on Blades and Triggers are well designed