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Sharpeners are a vital aspect of keeping all blades in tune so to speak. They can be made of stone, or sandpaper can be incorporated over a surface. The purpose of a sharpener is simple, it makes the blades of knives and other weapons sharp by grinding against the edges. They also come with a strop to help polish the edges of the blades once sharpened.

It is important to sharpen knives especially cutlery since the task of the knife is to cut through and slice meat. Therefore, it is also necessary for most people to have sharpeners so that each knife and tool is well maintained and ready to be used. Hones are a kind of sharpening steel that blades are rubbed against to realign the edges. You will also find arrow sharpeners when you browse through Blades and Triggers products. Sharpeners help the blade maintain its sharp edge and the upkeep of the tools.