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Swords are ancient weapons of war and have been around for ages. The design and style of a sword vary from country and culture. Today, swords are more of a collective item versus something that is used. However, some martial arts insist upon learning to wield the sword. They are essentially much longer than knives and these bladed weapons are meant to slash the target.

Swords can have blades that are straight or curved and are held by a hilt. The blades edges can be razor sharp or it can have variations. For example, the machete and sheath sword has a jagged edge on one side and a sharp straight edge on the other. They are also used in Fencing, where the blade is usually needle-like and the hilt has a metal grip. The Katana is traditional Japanese samurai swords. Many beautiful creations of swords made from the best materials are available in Blades and Triggers.