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It’s common knowledge that Airsoft is a competitive shooting sport that requires coinciding weaponry and ammo.But, what is unique is that most of the guns run on specific airsoft batteries. These batteries aid in ensuring the airsoft guns function seamlessly during the sport. Therefore, it is important and paramount that you have the right airsoft battery to support your game play.

Most of the airsoft guns are modeled after real guns. Most of them have magazine led bottoms with the pellets and are fired only with battery support. Many of the batteries that are available come with a typical voltage of 8.4, 9.6 and 10.8. However, for airsoft guns that have been given a sprucing with heavier gearboxes, there is also a 12-volt battery available. Some airsoft batteries are alkaline, some rechargeable, some even come in your favorite Marvel character packing.

Airsoft batteries are a vital element in your gear!