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Shooting as a sport requires the shooter to carry heavy guns, ammo, and accessories from target to target. Slings, therefore, become an essential accessory to have in this sport. Barring this example slings are used to make ferrying heavy guns or weaponry around with ease. The grip and brace that a sling renders to a weapon also ensure higher accuracy. Slings also aid in stabilizing and balancing the player.

Weapons like rifles, shotguns, carbines, submachine guns and more rely on the usage of slings. There are numerous types of slings available and each has a different function. Some slings are one-sided and traditional in nature and some have a double strap for added support. There are designs that have incorporated segments to hold ammo, making the sling extremely versatile. The buckles and clasps at the end of the sling need to be strong. There are plenty of well-crafted slings on Blades and Triggers.