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Tactical Gear & Accessories

Any field of sport requires an athlete to wear an outfit to enhance the performance and agility. Performance gear is a category that embraces any garment or accessory that does just that. Of course with each sport, the performance gear varies. With a competitive shooting game, a player will need protective vests, goggles, and a helmet too. Other sports like golf, for example, need gloves and the right footwear.

Performance gear can be found as a by-product of every sporting site and shop. It is definitely hard to consider a player without performance gear when engaging in a game of airsoft. Some of the most common products are vests, masks, goggles, pouches, gloves, and vest and chest rigs to name a few. Blades and Triggers have a wide range of products that fall under the banner of protective gear. It is a fool-hardy thought to venture into any extreme sport sans the amour in the form of performance gear.