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Usually, self-defense pistols are used for protection and are often portable. It is a concept that came about in cities that had a high crime rate and people were in harm’s way. However, it is necessary to know each countries rules and regulations before investing in purchasing a self-defense pistol. Competitive shooting sports like airsoft and paintballing also have many self-defense pistols that are used.

Their pistols can easily be concealed and hidden away. When referring to self-defense pistols in the outdoors it simply implies to the fact that these guns can be carried along with heavier machinery as a backup weapon. Today in the world of competitive shooting sports like paintball and airsoft, a life-like replica of real guns is used. It is important to understand the functioning of each weapon before use. Blade and Triggers have a nifty range of self-defense pistols.


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Tippmann tipx pistol

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