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Buy Fixed Blades

Any non-folding knives are referred to as fixed blade knives. These versatile blades are often regarded as tools considering the gamut of support it renders. Fixed blade knives can aid when performing many tasks, such as filleting a fish to protect one’s self and even perhaps to build a tent. These knives have several categories and each blade is designed to meet a specific purpose.

Some of the most common categories in the fixed blades are combat knives, hunting knives, boot knives, diving knives, fillet knives, to name a few. There are larger fixed blade knives like the Machete and the Asian style tantos. Many of these knives have a sturdy handle that holds the sharp blade in place. In cases, it will come along with a sheath and clasp for safety. There is a spectrum of well crafted fixed blade knives that you will find at Blades and Triggers