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Anyone who possesses a gun will testify to the fact that accessories are a necessity. Vest and chest rigs are a game changer when people are on the move. It not only acts as a protective barrier but a useful hold all kit. The easy accessibility the vests and chest rigs provide to hunters or people engaged in competitive shooting sport is extremely beneficial.

There are many versatile vests and chest rigs available in the market. While chest rigs are a bib-like harness, the vests usually wrap around the whole torso. Chest rigs are usually worn by hunters, as it ensures carrying extra ammo, tools and essentials are easier. Vests are widely popular when a certain level of protection is required. Each of these accessories come with compartments and has a clasp that secures it to the body. Some vests like the ones worn in paintballing or airsoft have a generous padding. You will find many options on Blades and Triggers.