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RUIKE KNIFE M31-B Criterion Collection M31

RUIKE KNIFE M31-B Criterion

The Criterion Collection by Ruike has the perfect blend of powerful aesthetics and practical functionality beautifully crafted into the tools. RUIKE KNIFE M31-B Criterion Collection M31 is based on the Swiss knife module and has impressive characteristics. This effective multifunctional tool is suited for everyday activities but has the most effective use in the outdoors. […]

Ruike Trekker LD43 rescue knife one-hand operation and lockable Knife

The versatility of the brand Ruike is that it always designs and creates products that have great value for money. Each product from Ruike has an intrinsic aesthetic element and the best materials are always used. Blades and Triggers offer every customer a sleuth of the best Ruike products. The Ruike Trekker LD43 rescue knife […]

Ruike LD11-B

  Ruike LD11-B Trekker pocket knife black has a short sleek blade that has a classic polished finish. The blade can be engraved upon making it customizable. Ruike LD11-B Trekker pocket knife black is compatible with the left hand or the right hand making it a versatile knife to possess. The beautiful 8.5 cm blade […]


Ruike products are known for being reliable and have the best quality. As a brand Ruike uses only the finest materials in the market and the best design elements to create products that have a dynamic functionality. RUIKE P128-SF Frame Lock Flipper Knife (3.6″ Satin) has a strong aesthetic element with defined lines making it […]

Ruike LD11-B

Ruike as a brand has been creating the most dynamic tools and weapons with a modern touch and a great measure of practicality. Ruike LD11-B Trekker pocket knife black is no exception to the basic elements of design, quality and a versatile range of functionality. Blade and Triggers always present the best options to their […]

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