Ruike P128-SB pocket knife, Blackwashed finish

Ruike as a brand has been creating the most cutting edge pocket knives and has been on the Blades and Triggers list of hot favorites in the recent past. The Ruike P128-SB pocket knife, Blackwashed finish is a butch looking tool to possess. The crisp edgy blackwashed finish gives the pocket knife a larger than life appeal. The monochromatic appeal is sensational and adds a sophisticated dimension to the pocket knife. Ruike P128-SB knife can be pooped opened seamlessly without a hick by just a flick using the receptive flipper.

The combination of strong material, elegant design, and a stunning finish make the Ruike P128-SB knife a great buy. The blade is made of Sandvik 14c28n steel and is 9.1 meters in length when opened. The blade sits comfortably within the black stainless steel handle and can swing into motion with sharp precision. The spear point-tipped blade makes this pocket knife a worthy contender for any fishing, hunting, or camping jaunt. Ruike P128-SB knife can be opened with ease from either left or the right hand. This perfect symmetry means that this pocket knife can be used on the go, which is a great feature.

The intelligent and fool-proof safety measures are taken to another level with this pocket knife as it not only has a frame lock but an additional secondary lock. Ruike P128-SB pocket knife can be used daily and sharpening the knife is easy. The deep carry pocket clip ensures that the knife can be tucked away inside your jacket when traveling.

Although the Ruike P128-SB pocket knife is not MOLLE compatible it certainly is one of the best contenders for your everyday adventures. Ruike P128-SB pocket knife has no sheath or pouch because of its incredible safety features this pocket-friendly knife is a steal.

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