Basic Paintball Tools

paintball tools

What are the Basic Paintball Tools?


If you are new to paintball and have an interest in playing, knowing the basic paintball tools before a game is a must. Most paintball shops will have what you need but knowing what you need makes it much easier for you. You will need basic paintball tools not only to play but also for protection to keep you safe during the game.  Here are a few things that should be on your list.


Paintball Mask


Having a paintball mask is a must as it should be worn before every game no matter what. To play paintball, you need not just any mask but a mask that is designed specifically for paintball. This safety gear provides protection for your eyes so that there is no damage to them or your face during a paintball game. Even if the style is your number one reason for choosing a particular mask, you should also make sure that it is comfortable. The last thing you want to worry about during a game is the discomfort of any of your gears.


Additional Safety Gear


Along with a proper paintball mask, you will need basic paintball tools that protect other parts of your body, so you limit injury or bruising. These include elbow and knee pads as well as gloves and chest and back protectors. These items make it easy for you to move forward in a tactical manner and do things such as dive and roll around as you maneuver the terrain.


Paintball Gun or Marker


Paintball is not paintball without having a gun or marker. These form the basis of the game and comes in different styles, sizes, and shapes. The paintball gun you choose might be dependent on the type of game or your personal preference. Markers shoot pellets towards your opponent and how well it shoots will determine if you are at a better advantage of winning.




To shoot your paintballs, they are placed into a hopper. The hopper is attached to the paintball gun and is what helps to feed the paintball pellets into the marker so that it can fire.




Having basic paintball tools means good quality paintball. Like the paintball gun, the paintballs are what also forms the basis of the game. Paintballs are spherical in shape and are usually loaded into the hopper and then fired through a form of compressed gas system. They come in different colors and break open once a target is hit.


Air Tank


Compressed gas is what enables a paintball gun to fire. The air tank has compressed air or CO2 and will vary in size. The larger the tank, the more paintballs it will be able to shoot.


Paintball Clothing


Wearing protective clothing during a paintball game is a good idea. Any protective clothing might work but choose something that matches the environment will give you a better advantage as you will blend in better with the surrounding environs.


Snacks and water


As you can imagine, paintball is a physical sport which requires moving around. One can expect to get thirsty or hungry while in the field. Being prepared with a snack or water will keep you going.


Screw Driver


Always have a paintball gun that is reliable, but bear in mind that basic paintball tools can run into problems. The last thing you want when in a paintball tournament is to have a failed equipment. Luckily, these issues are usually minor and can be repaired with using screwdrivers and wrenches. You won’t be using it in every game, but it is wise to have it on hand.




These rings are used on the air tanks and inside of the paintball markers. They get worn out often and will need immediate replacement if they go during a game, Having additional ring will keep you in the game as you can easily do a replacement.


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