Umarex 5.8322 Airgun Colt SAA 45 4.5mm Pellet Nickel review

Umarex 5.8322 Airgun Colt Saa 45 4.5mm Pellet Nickel

Get ready for some old school cowboy fun with this Colt Single Action Army Airgun produced by Umarex. For an amazing authentic outlook, it comes with both long and shorter barrels. This version has a striking nickel finish with a gold cylinder, trigger, and hammer, along with fake ivory grips. This newest CO2 powered is under license from Colt USA and is the closest Peacemaker reproduction for more fun.


Get it running by inserting a pellet into the back of each of the six cartridges and then load them into the cylinder. The realistic bullets with a hole running lengthwise make Peacemaker different than a typical airgun. The CO2 cartridge is contained in the grip frame. The space for the gas canister is in the left side panel locked into the place just like it in a real revolver. A hex key is built into the removable grip panel. The Peacemaker has a manual safety.


It’s discreetly located under the frame for easy access when you need it, just ahead of the trigger guard. The level of detail and authenticity is astonishing, carrying through the entire gun. Colt Peacemaker is a class in itself and we bet there’s nothing as close to this in the market!



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