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Buy Stun Guns And Tasers

One of the most versatile new-age weapons that fall under the protection banner is stun guns/tasers. While Tasers can be used both in close and far range, stun guns can only be used in close range. With Stun guns, you just have to aim, shoot and let the metal prongs touch the aggressor. The metal prongs send out very high intense electricity and disable the muscular control of the attacker momentarily.

Tasers pretty much work on the same principle of sending electric shock waves. The only added value with tasers is that the victim more time and ample opportunity to escape. When you fire a taser gun from a distance there will be two probe darts that fly out 15 feet in distance. There are many variants in Stun Guns/Tasers today identifying the ideal one is based on each one’s discretion. Blades and Triggers offer customers some of the best choices in this range.