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Paintball Guns for Beginners: 3 Best Markers for New Players

paintball gun

Guest post by Amanda Wilks For most new ballers, choosing the best paintball gun can be daunting. The vast selection of paintball markers is overwhelming. However, it begins with determining your paintballing style and budget. Most new paintballing players play a few times and give up due to the demands of the sport. However, there […]

Spyder Aggressor Paintball Marker Review


If you are a beginner and need a Paintball Marker that shoots non-stop, this could be the real deal. It is reasonably priced and quite easy to assemble and use. The all aluminum body and rubber grip panel make this marker quite durable. The hopper holds up to 200 paintballs, and the velocity adjuster allows […]

5 Paintball Game Types You Can Play Today

Paintball Game Types

There are many paintball game types with different rules and variations; usually specified before a game begins. Here are various types of paintball games you can play today including the original Woodsball, the small arena-based and the tournament favorite Speedball and the fun-filled Scenario Paintball. Woodsball Paintball Game Types Woodsball, otherwise known as Bushball, is […]

How do I choose the Best Paintball Guns for Self Defense?

paintball guns for self defense

Paintball guns for self defence might be pricey or fancy but it is always how well it performs that makes it stand out. Aesthetics does not fare well in comparison to tactical stamina. So how do you really choose paintball guns for self defense so you can have a better advantage over your opponent? Here are a […]

Google Fonts

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For reference, see the Google Fonts API documentation.

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