Brocock Bantam Patagonia HR 5.5mm Cerakote bottle pellet rifle Unboxing

This could be the ultimate airgun starter kit to get you out on the field quickly if you look to create more impact overall with a maneuverable weapon. BNT has exclusively reviewed the flagship of Brocock’s innovative semi-bullpup range, winner of Extreme Benchrest 2018, the Brocock Bantam Patagonia HR 5.5MM Cerakote Bottle. With production in full throttle, this Brocock comes packed with magazine, coupler, warranty, registration, quality assurance check list along with official handbook. The two-tone color of the body is adorned with the signature of Claudio Flores making it one of its kinds! It has 6 stage on-the-fly Hi-Lo power adjuster, two stage trigger, tank and regulator pressure gauges with 480cc carbon fiber bottle. It also features a removable 10-shot magazine, 56cm choked Polygon Match-Grade barrel with integral shrouded silencer and match-like adjustable trigger – and it can be configured with a variety of bottle, stock and power options across both calibers. It is regulated through measured air control to ensure minimal shot-to-shot deviation. It enhances downrange accuracy while reflecting its hunting capabilities as well. But with this proven winning formula from Claudio, we’re confident Bantam Patagonia moves the benchmark in PCP airgun design.

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