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Own Equipment!
We charge a Flat Rate Of R 99.00

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B&T ops is the first of its kind in Clearwater mall. B&T ops was created for YOU as a safe haven that offers an exclusive experience on all our B&T products. This is the opportunity to get that thrilling experience in a fascinating and educational way, from a less lethal shooting lane, to a airsoft CQB field that is not only used for recreational purposes but also as a tactical training platform that boasts with self-defence and knife training classes available through 1 on 1 training sessions with any of our  Skilful Sales personnel. They will be readily available to assist you throughout the learning process of our B&T products bought from any of our stores Nationwide. B&T ops is the perfect opportunity to test and enhance your Skills, many of which will come in handy in delivering you from any unpleasant encounter. This is the time for you to Rise up, Uplift your mind and body and Conquer through B&T ops.


Services offered

  • cqb airsoft field
  • less lethal shooting lane
  • air rifle shooting lane
  • kiddies target area
  • B&T product testing
  • self-defence classes
  • knife training classes
  • knife sharpening classes
  • product demonstration
  • product training
  • learn how to shoot
  • tactical training
  • team building
  • Testing arena for Bnt products purchased
Own equipment!
We charge a flat rate of R 99.00




    Hendrik Potgieter Rd,
    Christiaan de Wet Rd,
    Strubens Valley,
    Roodepoort, 1735