B11P 5.5MM Air Rifle Review

b11p 600x259

You know that you are ready to advance your shooting game when you move to a .22 Caliber Rifle. Being this size, the rifle is not the most stable especially when you shoot, but it delivers beautifully. This air rifle is ideal for small game, rats, and for basic games when you want to improve […]

B11 4.5MM Air Rifle Review

B11 4.5MM

Its .177 caliber (4.5mm) makes it ideal for hunting trips and shooting small nuisances in your yard. This rifle is not as powerful as those bearing larger calibres, but it does well on small-scale expeditions. It is not ideal for self-defense, as it does not have the stopping power of an appropriate Self Defence Rifle. […]

Xtb-114.5 MM Air Rifle Review


This riffle has the overall length of 965 mm; it is quite light for training women and youngsters who are only getting started in the riffle adventure. The barrel is quite smooth, and the entire riffle weighs just over 4 pounds. The Model It is one of the older Rifle Models, but that does not […]

5 Paintball Game Types You Can Play Today

Paintball Game Types

There are many paintball game types with different rules and variations; usually specified before a game begins. Here are various types of paintball games you can play today including the original Woodsball, the small arena-based and the tournament favorite Speedball and the fun-filled Scenario Paintball. Woodsball Paintball Game Types Woodsball, otherwise known as Bushball, is […]