Benchmade 3400BK-1 Autocrat, OTF AUT, Dagger OG Green Review

Benchmade 3400BK-1 autocrat OTF aut dagger OD green

The new 3400BK – 1 is the sleek new blade in the Benchmade family. Made with a G10 handle (which is lighter and easy to handle) and sophisticated black oxide frame. The Handle comes in two colours of Tan and olive is the upgrade to the previous 3400 Autocrat. This Black DLC coated CPM-S30V premium stainless-steel double-edged dagger blade is the next generation upgrade to the previous Autocrat blade with its slick new double-action out-the-front automatic mechanism. Made for tactical enthusiasts and ECD alike. It is a great addition to your arsenal.


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